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Yogi Picknick
Hey man I told people after Donald Trump was elected and I was in shock somebody asked me would you really take this person or that person over Donald Trump that's a man not take Dog the Bounty Hunter over Donald Trump and his wife as vice president and that's not a slight to them I just trying to illustrate how disgusted I am and I believe the last couple of times I've heard Dwayne talk about it honestly you know I picture this dude working out and listening to copies of the founding fathers and the Bill of Rights Constitution brushing himself up on modern day takes on what needs to be done I truly believe that this man truly is better than Donald Trump will ever be because his heart's in the right place forget about the fact that he sounds better and probably by the time this next election comes around I wouldn't blink an eye if it was between the two you know listen I'm going to try to remain as civil as possible but I'll take Dwayne in a heartbeat that's my take on it and I mean that from the bottom of my heart I think he's got it in his head and he looks disappointed enough to me I'll back you up go get them brother
Hamad Waheed
I am your fan I want to meet u in Canada today please reply my message Dwayne Johnson the rock