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Poppy referencing Mars Argo for 9 minutes straight

To anyone that thinks my video is "reaching" I feel as if you do not truly understand the case. What most people don't realize is that Mars Argo is more than a character, it was the name of their company/project that Brittany Sheets' father owned 83.3% of, Mars and Titanic owned 8.3% and that's where the law comes in. Brittany has every right to sue if she feels inclined to do so considering she legally owns a portion of the project. Titanic has taken the overall idea, theme and concept of the Mars Argo project and just copied and pasted it into the Poppy project. Has he outright copied a Mars Argo video with language and costuming, no. However, he has taken items, themes and concepts of her videos, mannerisms and clothing and made it into what is now Poppy. I say reference and not copy because they aren't directly copying Mars Argo. Titanic is being sneaky about it by referencing things shes said, done or shown in her videos. They may not be an exact carbon copy however, he's taking themes, items, and phrases from everything they did together with the Mars Argo project. There are hardly any videos left online with of the Mars Argo project so there's really no way to know how much Titanic has stolen. For all we know something involving Mars Argo could be in every single Poppy video, but that's just my theory. I had to rely on re-uploaded videos from other users for the Mars Argo clips. If you have any that I missed please tell me in the comments or make your own video I'd love to see more! For people who think Titanic AND Poppy have done nothing wrong I strongly suggest you read the lawsuit. Brittany discusses how Titanic would abuse her emotionally and physically. She also shares that Titanic and Poppy would stalk her, even going so far as to attend the same school and class as her. Here's the link:

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